Gluten Free Halloween Treats

Halloween can be fun for everyone with this selection of yummy gluten free Halloween treats.  While going gluten free can help those with celiac disease or autism, it may also assist with weight loss and general well-being.  These delicacies prove that gluten free ghouls and goblins can still have lots of fun.
For school parties and door giving, try Chocolate Cherry Fudge Drops from Simply…Gluten-Free Desserts, as adapted and reviewed by Go Dairy Free.  We’re talkin’ some serious fudge action here, but in easy cookie form. 
Do you love carrot cake, and putting a new spin on old favorites?  Dig into Carrot Macaroons by No Meat Athlete.  You’ll never give regular macaroons another glance.  Oh, and there’s chocolate drizzling involved. 
So, we have black and orange covered, what about some Frankenstein green on the table?  Try Pistachio Cheesecake from Gluten-Free is Life.  In my family, pistachio is referred to as “green medicine.”  Maybe this cheesecake could make old “Frank” a little more human.
In search of a Great Pumpkin dessert?  Not only are the Pumpkin Scones from yesterday’s post sugar free, they’re also gluten free.  Surprise!

Happy Gluten Free Halloween!
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