Sugar Free Halloween Sweets & BONUS

Have a healthy Halloween this year, while scaring off the sugar monster and sneaking in some veggies.  These recipes are great for anyone trying to reduce the sugar in their life, not just those on Sugar Busters® or diabetic diets.  And the flavors will keep your spirit sweet, so dig in!
Remember how the Key Lime Pie Murder’s heroine, Hannah Swensen, revealed a left-field secret ingredient (tomato soup) in a cookie recipe?  Nutty Chocolate Bites from Clean Green Simple are made from a base of adzuki beans, but they’re undetectable.  Agave nectar and Medjool dates create melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, while pecans, cocoa and optional rice milk bring on the ravin’ flavor.
Recycle your pumpkin pulp into Cookies and Candids’ Pumpkin Scones.  These scrumptious scones almost masquerade as muffins.  But beware!  Once your inner Cookie Monster discovers them, they vanish into thin air...leaving you and your guests with not-so-guilty looks on your faces.
Feed your need for Carrot Cake with this recipe from Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking, with extra carrots and nuts.  There are no artificial sweeteners in this decadent treat.  Instead, the dates and raisins make this a dessert worth sending to school, office and other Halloween parties.  Very share-worthy!

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