Meatless Monday: Suzie in Italy #6: Food, Glorious Food

Guest blogger, vegetarian, and award-winning and best-selling Silhouette romance novelist Susan Swift recently returned from a trip to Venice.  She has generously consented to share about her experiences there.  Thank you, Susan!


For the next couple of days I’m blogging about food in Venice. Italy is famous for its fabulous produce, especially olive oil, pasta and Chianti, which would suggest that a diet there might be unhealthy and the place is full of unhealthy people. Far from it. In two of the cities we visited, Matera and Venice, cars are virtually nonexistent. There are perhaps three roads through the older part of Matera; thus, people walk. There are no motorized vehicles whatsoever in Venice aside from boats. People do take vaporettos–water buses that ply the Great Canal and the lagoon–and water taxis, but mostly, people walk. I didn’t see even one motorcycle in Venice. Not even a bicycle. The closest I came to seeing non-foot-transport was one girl learning how to rollerblade.

Thus, people are pretty healthy. Venice, long a famous port, is known for its wealth of great food. We stopped by the famous Rialto market for fresh veggies and fruit to stock our apartment. Below: variegated greens for our salad; beautiful fruit and ubiquitous Chiquita bananas:


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