Dairy Free Vegan Bread Recipes

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Indulge your lust for cheesy biscuits and cream cheese on pumpkin bread with these dairy free vegan bread recipes. The recipes in this post reveal mystery binders, dairy substitutes and flavor exponentiators that you would never guess if you tried. And kids will love helping with the Farmhouse Seed Bread. So settle in with a cup of coffee or tea and read on.

Let’s begin with savory breads. Don’t you just LOVE a good crispbread, aka cracker, especially a whole grain, for spreads and dips? Gluten Free Vegan Girl’s Whole Grain Crispbread is great to keep on hand for lunch boxes, snacks and appetizers. Play with herb and vegetable add-ins.

From Ali and Tom at the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen comes Farmhouse Seed Bread, a megahit with their readers. The comments feature an abundance of substitution trials and results. My favorites are for that Honey Wheat flavor and shaping into bagels, bread bowls and pitas. This is a perfect recipe for kid chefs to learn how to knead.

Shirley Braden at Gluten Free Easily did a little leftover experiment and came up with this brilliant dairy free vegan bread recipe for Brazilian Un-Cheese Rolls/Biscuits. You will not believe her secret ingredient for the cheesy flavor in these low carb, three-inch-wide, easy drop biscuits. The secret ingredient is also the flavor variable, with reader recipes in the comments.

Let’s start off the sweet dairy free vegan bread recipes with Blueberry Banana Pancakes, from Jeanine and Jack at Love and Lemons. I’m a big pancake fan with a weakness for blueberries and bananas. Jeanine discovered that bananas have magic in them beyond their renowned nutritional value. They can actually make pancakes practically levitate. My favorite tip in the comments is not to make your batter the night before.

I saved the superstar for last: Allyson Kramer’s Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Bread. You won’t want pumpkin bread any other way once you try this dairy free vegan bread recipe. Be sure to make extra batches upfront, so your family will get a chance at it. The best comments are those on cutting sugar and adding apples. Store bought pumpkin rolls can’t hold a candle to this! 

Whole Grain Crispbread (DF, GF, SF, V, VG)
Gluten Free Vegan Girl

Farmhouse Seed Bread (DF, GF, SF, V, VG)
The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

Gluten Free Easily

Blueberry Banana Pancakes (DF, GF, SF, V, VG)
Love and Lemons

Allyson Kramer

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Do you prefer savory or sweet breads? Do you like kneading dough?

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