Gluten Free Tuesday: Purple Heart Menu

Image credit The U.S. Army
In honor of our fallen and returning veterans, many with injuries, and the anniversary of the Purple Heart, I've gathered a menu of gluten free recipes along a purple theme. Enjoy sharing the history with your family and friends, along with the yummy goodies.

On this day 230 years ago, the Badge of Military Merit was conceived by then-General George Washington, future founding father and first President of the United States of America. Only three Revolutionary War veterans received the simple cloth commendation. It then languished for 150 years until it was revived, renamed and a redesign commissioned by General Douglas MacArthur, who received the first Purple Heart. Elizabeth Will, an Army specialist in military awards, created the redesign in accordance with orders and archives.

World War II saw civilians being awarded. Posthumous awards were approved in 1962. An Executive Order dated 1984 permitted peacekeepers injured since the Spring of 1973 to be awarded. In 1985 it received a promotion which caused it to outrank the Meritorious Service Medals, up from Good Conduct. It was then approved for those wounded by friendly fire. 1998 saw the disqualification of American civilians wounded while attached to the military.

Due to the government's surplus of World War II-issue Purple Hearts, which was not fully utilized despite the Korean and Vietnam Wars, members of our military sustaining qualifying injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan receive these vintage awards without delay.

For more information, click here. Now, how about some purple gluten free recipes?

Grape Juice Crush (DF, GF, K, V, VG)
Maqui Bread (DF, GF, K, R, SF, V, VG)
Slow Cooker Borscht (aka Beet Soup: DF, GF, K, SF, V, VG) *Kids love it!
Purple Cabbage Salad with Currants, Carrots and Almonds (DF, GF, K, V, VG)
Purple Potatoes with Onions and Mushrooms (DF, GF, K, SF, V, VG)
Ube (Purple Yam) Ice Cream (DF, GF, K, V, VG)

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  1. What a lovely idea! I've never thought of having this sort of themed meal before but now you've given me some crazy insipration! Next supper club I'm going to create a wonderful purple heart feast of my own. Thanks for the idea Belinda!