Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

Grab your dark chocolate, gluten free Bisquick® and agave nectar!  Here are some exquisite expressions of gluten free love.  For lovers hooked on Dr. Who, the choice is clear.  Like the Tardus, the flavor inside each bite of chocolate cake is bigger than its outer appearance.  Red velvet cake serves up a classic finish on a traditional dinner of gluten free favorites.  Parents and teachers: Summon your school-age sous chefs and put on Willie Wonka for candy making fun.  Should Valentine’s Day be a bit chilly, warm up your cuddlebunny with coffee in their cookies or brandy in their fondue.  Remember the cherries!  For hardcore foodie Valentines, please their palate with almonds and cranberries.  A decadent basket of cinnamon rolls, scones and heart-shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles will positively melt any non-chocoholic.  Touch a health nut’s heart with homemade granola bars and carrot macaroons.  And with strawberries in season, who can resist a seemingly sinful cheesecake or shortcake?  These Gluten Free Valentine’s Day recipes will have sweethearts of all ages feeling warm and fuzzy.  Bon appétit!

With Chocolate:

No Chocolate:

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