Kosher Vegan Falafel Recipes

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One of my favorite Mediterranean dishes is falafel, a savory blend of soaked beans, onions or garlic and seasonings like cumin, coriander and curry. Unfortunately, the nearest restaurant that serves falafel is over two hours away. Falafel being so popular the world over as an appetizer and fast food, I searched the blogosphere and found these yummy Kosher vegan falafel recipes to share with you. Falafel is typically fried, for texture and crunch, but is healthier when grilled or baked. You can make them in ball or patty form, serve them in pita bread or hamburger buns, alongside or as part of a salad. Baba ganoush (eggplant dip), pickles, chutney, tahini and hummus are usually offered as condiments.

According to the USDA, one 2.25-inch falafel patty has only 57 calories, which is 3% of the Recommended Daily Intake. 48% of this is fat, 38% carbs and 14% protein.

You can experiment and make falafel your own, by varying the beans, seasonings, cooking and serving methods and condiments. Think barbeque, Mexican, Italian or smothered Southern-style with okra, tomatoes and onions. Use your bread tube and cookie cutter collection on the falafel mixture before cooking. So go ahead, dig into the delicious world of Kosher vegan falafel recipes!

NOTE: Not all recipes below are gluten-free. Watch for GF in the codes and otherwise, have substitutions on hand.

Baked Falafel (DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) (The Little Honey Bee)
Best Easiest Homemade Falafels (DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) (Pure Ella)
Chickpea Falafel (DF, SF, K, V, VG) (Veg Recipes of India)
Falafels (DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) (The Gluten Free Vegan)
Vegan Falafel (DF, SF, K, V, VG) (The Laidback Vegan)

Find more mouth-watering Kosher vegan recipes in our Recipe Index. How do you prefer your falafel?

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