Meatless Monday Vegan Bread Recipes

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Going meatless only one day a week, you might not think it necessary to look up vegan bread recipes. But read the label on your favorite commercially produced sliced or artisan bread and you’ll likely see a host of animal product ingredients. Butter, eggs and honey are only the beginning. The price tag on specialty groceries will get you thinking about baking your own. The bonus is filling your home with the sweet, nurturing fragrance of fresh-baked bread.

Just because you’re baking vegan bread recipes, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything. As you can see from the selection below, vegan breads can be baked using a variety of forms, methods and flavors. This short list includes breads for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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For their Applesauce Bread, the Kingsbury family at Savvy Vegetarian demonstrates flaxseed and water as a simple vegan substitution for eggs. Flaxseed is easily found in the special diet section of the baking aisle at WalMart. Personal chef Amie Valpone prefers chia seeds and water - and a banana - in her Coconut Carrot Bread. In Chocolate Chocolate Donuts, Brooke McLay uses Earth Balance margarine, which I have personally tried and enjoy. Her vegan bread recipe calls for the donut batter to be placed in a plastic zippered bag and piped into the donut tins. This is a fun kid chef opportunity, along with applying icing and sprinkles.

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Now, for a savory vegan bread recipe. You can use your bread maker machine to make the dough for Angel Flinn’s Focaccia, which is topped with garlic, herbs and tomatoes. 

These Vegan Bread Recipes are a great way to try something new and take your Meatless Mondays to a deeper, more meaningful, more flavorful level. Have you ever tried baking bread before? What kind?

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Applesauce Bread (DF, GF, SF, V, VG)
Judith Kingsbury/Savvy Vegetarian

Brooke McLay/Cheeky Kitchen

Coconut Carrot Bread (DF, GF, V, VG)
Amie Valpone/The Healthy Apple

Focaccia (DF, SF, V, VG)
Angel Flinn/Care2

Remember to check out our Recipe Index for more Vegan Bread Recipes. Bon appetit!

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