Sugar Free 4th of July Recipes

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For summer celebrations, go to these sugar free 4th of July recipes. Your barbecue will be the talk of the season, starting with a refreshing glass of Lemon Basil Iced Tea. It only takes one lemon and six basil leaves, and perfectly complements the Leek Polenta and Caponata Salad. Throw some Tamale Burgers on the grill for added sizzle with your protein. Finish with the cool sensation of Strawberry Banana Popsicles, sweetened with agave. Make extra of the tea and popsicles for fireworks time. Keep the ingredients for these sugar free 4th of July recipes on hand for summer slumber and pool parties, staycations, and family reunions. Happy Independence Day!

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  1. I love the lemon basil tea, especially with green tea YUM!