Sugar Free Vegan Mother’s Day Recipes

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Sugar Free Vegan Mother’s Day recipes are bound to sweeten your Mother’s Day celebration.  Don’t let diabetes, carbs or sugar get in the way of your family’s fun.  Pull out all the stops for your Mother’s Day brunch or tea with mouth-watering flavors like mint, orange, cinnamon, apple, spinach, artichoke, Mexican chocolate, espresso, lemon and poppy seeds. 

If you haven’t heard of agave nectar yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Agave nectar, the sweetener in most of these recipes, is much lower on the glycemic index than most other sweeteners.  It comes from a cactus; is available in light, amber and dark; and is on an eye-level shelf above the sugar at most discount retail grocers.  Also, it’s sweeter than honey, so you use less. It’s also vegan, so you save the lives of bees, who help turn blossoms into food and are already in short supply on this planet. 

Bon appétit and Happy Mother’s Day!

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