Sugar Free Pie Recipes for Pi Day

March 14th has new meaning for both nerds and foodies.  While it has long been the birthday of supernerd Albert Einstein, it is now Pi Day.  Yes, the number lauded by ancient Greek mathemeticians since before Al’s birth has finally been discovered to coincide with the day the Earth was graced with his presence, 3.14.  Teachers are taking this opportunity to make math a festival of fun by celebrating Pi Day with food fests, Tshirts, special worksheets and other activities.  The official food of Pi Day is, of course, pie.  Here at CafĂ© Belinda, that means sugar free pie recipes, for starters.

I’ve included six classic pies below, for your Pi Day pleasure.  Cobbler made the list because, after all, “Pi r squared.”  And since some of the best pies are savory, there are pot pie and pizza pie selections, as well.  This pattern will continue for this week’s Pi Day theme for all special diets.  Also, be sure to check out our Recipe Index for more delicious sugar free pie recipes.  Bon ap-Pi-tit!

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  1. I especially love the apple pie and peach cobbler recipes. Yummy!!!