Dairy Free Vegan Vegetarian Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is special for me.  I get to wear my green shirt.  It’s a tshirt specially bought for the occasion when I was teaching.   On a Kelly green field rest a shamrock over a globe in reversed fading shades of green to white.  Between them are the words “think green” in white.  This shirt unites two parts of myself that I’m very proud of, Irish and Earth Mother.   

My mother was born a McMickle.  The Mc is Irish, as opposed to Mac, which is Scot, but they've mixed a bit.  I haven’t met any McMickles beyond my mother and her siblings, but her redheaded brother is said to be the spitting image of their father, and all four of the lot have their stubborn moments.  I don’t know my clan’s tartan, but a wee bit of time with me will eliminate any doubt that I’m Irish.  I’m a tall, hourglass-shaped, natural redhead lass with freckles all about.   Humble Heaney poetry, rural life, the sea, Spring, and the sweet notes of bagpipe and flute are all dear to my heart.  Kissing, dancing, poetry, jokes and storytelling are some of my best talents.  Just don’t get me riled up.*wink*  Last but not least, luck seems to accompany me throughout my adventures.

We didn’t really celebrate our Irish heritage in our cooking or much else.  The mere fact of knowing Irish blood runs in our veins seemed to be enough.  Today, I’m excited to share these blog-sourced dairy free Irish recipes with you in honor of Ireland and her people.  From beverage to dessert, they’re sure to please one and all.  Slainte!

"The Ireland I now inhabit is one that these Irish contemporaries have helped to imagine." - Seamus Heaney

Irish Cream (alcoholic beverage)

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