Broccoli 'Rizo Pepper Jack Pizzas

Rated KF for Kid Friendly, N for Nutritious, QE for Quick and Easy,
S for Spicy, V for Vegetarian, and Y for Yummy!

This is my first post using my own original recipe.  I did not use any specific measurements.  Simply prepare according to your own taste.  Pepper Jack and Soyrizo(R) are both spicy, so balance your flavors.


Whole wheat bread, toasted
Prepared pizza sauce
Pepper Jack cheese

1. Spread Pizza sauce onto whole wheat toast.  I use about 2-3 tablespoons.

2. Add chopped fresh broccoli.

3. Add Pepper Jack cheese.

4. Add Soyrizo(R).  I used to make balls with my fingers, but discovered iced teaspoons are very handy.  You don't see this in the pic below, but I added another piece of broccoli between the Soyrizo(R) balls.  It would have made a prettier picture, but you wouldn't have seen the Soyrizo(R).  You could also add carrot shreds and other veggies here. 

5. Microwave for 15 seconds on medium power (50).  Allow to cool a moment before eating.


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