What’s for Dessert?

Need something sweet for a snack or to finish a great meal?  How about pudding, pie or cake?  Make that Healthy Rice Pudding, Caramelized Fig Pie, Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes, Tea Time Rock Cakes and Tiramisu, to be exact.

If you have some leftover brown rice and a few raisins left in the box, try Noble Pig’s  Healthy Rice Pudding.  Its nearly zero prep time is the exact opposite of its nutritional value.  For a great between meal snack, you can’t go wrong.  Adapt as needed for serving to groups.

Got 20 fresh figs?  Indulge yourself in a slice of Caramelized Fig Pie, adapted by Sweet Salty Spicy from the cookbook La Cuisine des Filles.  As soon as it’s gone, you’ll immediately crave more.  To feed your new addiction, barter with family, friends or neighbors for their fresh or canned figs.

Here’s a classic flavor for those on special diets to share at parties, events and dinners.  Savoring Today offers lactose-free and gluten-free recipes for Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes.  This is a delicious and easy first foray into the world of lactose-free and gluten-free recipes.

Love scones?  Then you’ll adore Tea Time Rock Cakes by Lavender and Lovage.  No, rock cakes does not mean hard pastries.  They’re actually somewhere along the spectrum of scones at one end and cake at the other - cousins, you might say.  They’re also a tasty way to use your dried fruits.

Last but certainly not least, Italian restaurants do not have to be your sole source for a Tiramisu fix.  If you  moan every time you watch the movie No Reservations, Spiceopolis has the recipe for you.  Originally from Cook’s Illustrated magazine, this recipe will help you turn out a professional result worthy of sharing at the holidays or any occasion. 

Everyone can find a favorite among these delectable desserts.  Allow for second batches of these sumptuous sweets for your own home, so you’re sure to taste the fruits of your labors.


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  3. THANKS so much for mentioning my little rock cakes,I will be back later to look at your blog ~ I am going out for lunch now!
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