Upcoming Events for Food Bloggers

Have questions about the care and feeding of your brand new or growing food blog?  Are you wondering how to improve your writing skills, take better pictures, make more money - and fewer mistakes - with your food blog?  The following five events are tailored to help you with exactly that and more.

Oct. 20-21 (Th. & Fr.), 2011
Hilton New York
New York, NY
Registration & fee: $204.97

Penguin Publishing partners with BlogHer to bring you an advanced social media workshop.  Enter the doors as a writer, emerge as an author. 

Throughout the welcome reception, networking, keynote, and breakout sessions on writing and publishing, you’ll be hobnobbing with publishers, editors, agents and authors.  Attendance is limited to 200.  Total registration is $204.97 per person, and is open through the welcome reception.

Nov. 4-6 (Fr.-Sun.), 2011
Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Francisco, CA

Pack your evening gown and heels for BuzzFest.  It’s a bigger event, with programs in the morning, Taste Pavilion in the afternoon, and Gala Dinner and Blogger Awards Ceremony in the evening.  And that’s just Saturday!  You also get dinner Friday and brunch Sunday, of course. 

Be forewarned: the registration button is an email link, and last year’s program is a little over 8MB.  Just download it, if only to read more about last year’s Taste Pavilion and Gala Dinner Menu.  - Get your tongue off that screen, young lady/man!

Nov. 11-13, 2011
Doubletree Guest Suites
Santa Monica, CA
Registration: $350

If you rate blogging conferences by food and wine, IFBC, the original blogger con, may be tops on your list.  The event is geared toward “grassroots bloggers, cookbook authors, and restaurant marketers,” among others.  Sessions and networking focus on “food, writing and technology,” according to the site. In the past, session leaders have included “bloggers, chefs and authors” in the forefront of the field.  Right now, there’s a blogroll of attendees for Santa Monica, so you get publicity for your blog just for registering!  Seriously, check this out!

January 2012
Birmingham, AL
Registration: $150 (Oct. 28 Early bird discount: -$25)

From the second you see the okra, you know you’re among GRITS (Girls/Guys Raised in the South).  FBS is loaded like a baked potato, covering photography, trends, blog makeovers, branding, raking in the spinach (money, honey), and media skills.  The first 15 registrants get a chance for a blog makeover.  These folks treat y’all like family, too!  They’ve got a special room rate at the Hyatt Place downtown.  And have y’all ever heard of doing a food blogger conference as a benefit?  Of all things!  FBS will be helping out the Desert Island Supply Company.  Learn more about Food Blog South at their website, email list, Twitter and Facebook.  And yes, they’ve got a blogroll, too.  Oh, by the way, you’ve gotta check out their speaker list to believe it!

May 4-6, 2012
Southern CA
Registration: $325 (Opens January 2012, incl. meals, lodging & workshops)

While you pack this summer away, tag your bags for the 4th Annual Camp Blogaway, a nonstop, fun-filled, food blogger weekend in the San Bernardino Mountains.  “Food bloggers of all levels” are welcome here.  If cooking’s important to you, come on!  According to the site, activities include “breakouts, round tables, hiking, wine tasting and substantial good eats.”  The site also features a blog, lists of topics, sponsors, speakers and attendees.  More exposure for your blog!  This year covers: photography, food writing, burnout, blog makeovers, dealing with success, pitfalls and life change via food blog.  Some kick-butt presenters are gonna be in those woods next summer.  Stay posted with Camp Blogaway via their site, email, Twitter and Facebook.  

Make your plans now for these awesome food blogger opportunities.  Doctors, nurses and teachers take continuing education to bring you and your children the best, most current knowledge and wisdom their professions have to offer, through networking and workshops.  Shouldn’t you do the same for yourself, your blog and readers? 

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  1. THANK YOU for including Camp Blogaway in this terrific roundup. Love the writeup, well done!