15 Dairy and Gluten Free Recipes for a Thanksgiving Menu

Go for a blend of traditional and not-so-traditional dishes with these dairy and gluten free recipes for Thanksgiving. These sweet and savory delicacies comprise a full meatless menu: drinks, bread, soup, salad, starch, vegetable, meat substitute, dessert and coffee. Holiday flavors, such as carrot, apple, cranberry and orange, set a festive tone, while sweet potato and faux turkey take pride of place.

Substitution Quick Tips:

·        Milk = Soy milk

·        Eggs = Ener G Egg Replacer

·        Flour = Coconut flour

·        Sugar = Agave nectar

·        Meat = Tofu and/or tempeh (marinated in seasoning of your choice)

Savings Tip:

DollarTree carries WestSoy Plain Lowfat Soymilk Drink, usually on the top shelf, halfway down the grocery aisle. The Ingredient List states: “filtered water, organic soymilk, organic dehydrated cane juice, sea salt and vitamins A, D2 and B2”. At only $1 per quart, this is a significant savings over WalMart prices. Unfortunately, it’s not on their large order website at this time. Maybe if enough of us lobby them it may come about. J


PullApart Dinner Rolls (Vegan Richa)

CornbreadDressing (Weight Watchers Community)

GreenBean Casserole (Delectably Free)

FauxTurkey Breasts (Ann Gentry, HuffPost> Food)

PumpkinPie with Pecan Crust (OhSheGlows)


Visit our Recipe Index for more dairy and gluten free recipes for Thanksgiving, with easy to understand codes for your convenience. Bon appetit and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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