Gluten Free Pie Recipes for Pi Day

Happy birthday, Uncle Albert!  Albert Einstein, that is.  His birthday, March 14th, is also now Pi Day, a celebration of the infinite, non-repeating number used in many mathematical applications.  The official food, of course, is pie, because pi is used in reference to circles.  Here you’ll find plenty of gluten free pie recipes for Pi Day. 

And cobblers are welcome to join the festivities, because “pi r squared.”  Pies are also rectangular and triangular, hence the Apple Turnovers.  And since, as good ol' Al said, "the possibilities are endless," lemon meringue pie is being served upside down and savory pies are making an appearance.  Sink your spoon into Shepherd’s Pie (also handy for St. Patrick’s Day, only three days later) and grab a slice of Polenta Pizza Pie, which looks very much like garlic bread pizza, only with a yellow crust.  I hope you enjoy these gluten free pie recipes for Pi Day.  Stay tuned to Cafe Belinda for more Pi Day recipes for all our covered special diets through Tuesday.
PS: Albert Einstein’s birthday also makes him a Pi-sces, just like me!  Bon ap-Pi-tit!

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