Meatless Monday: Suzie in Italy: A Meal in the Ghetto

Happy Meatless Monday!  Wasn't the extra hour of sleep wonderful?  Our vegetarian guest blogger and globetrotter, award-winning Silhouette romance novelist Susan Swift aka Suz deMello, is back with more on her recent swing through Venice, Italy.  Read on! - BYH


As with most places, the history of Jews in Venice has its positive and negative aspects. Centuries ago, the Jews could live only on the island of Giudecca. But the clever Venetians realized that such useful folk should be closer to hand, and created the first ghetto, in the sestiere of Cannaregio, in the sixteenth century. The prohibition on Jews living elsewhere was lifted by Napoleon. There is still quite a strong Judaic presence in Venice.

After my travel partner Laura completed her lesson in piloting a gondola (we’ll leave that for a later blogpost) we walked from the marina on the northern shore of Cannaregio through the ghetto, where we found a fabuous Kosher restaurant called GamGam. I picked the selection of vegetarian small bites:

You can see, from left, plates of harisa, eggplant salad, egg salad (slightly below), assorted pickles, fried falafel balls, more pickled veggies (different flavors), hummus, sliced cherry tomatoes and some chickpeas with bits of cucumber. I ate it with bread, sharing with Laura–it doesn’t look filling, but it was! It was one of my most enjoyable meals in Italy.

Thanks, Susan.

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