Meatless Monday: Vegan Potato Recipes

Looking for delicious, nutritious vegan potato recipes for Meatless Monday? Get ready to rock, because I found some super spud flavors in this week’s blast through the blogosphere. First, let’s take a moment to honor this truly amazing vegetable that has given us so much and asks so little in return.

The nutritional powerhouse we think of as a side dish has been and continues to be a key to human survival. For the mountain-dwelling Incas in 200 BC, potatoes survived the harsh climate better than wheat, rice or corn. Sailors stocked them in their berths for hundreds of years as a preventive for their occupational hazard of scurvy, caused by a lack of Vitamin C. Alaskan miners used their precious gold to pay for them back in 1897.

In today’s economy, fresh potatoes prepared at home have the power to sustain families struggling to make ends meet. Potatoes can feed 10 people per crop acre. Despite their water content, they consume less water than corn, rice or wheat. That's good news in times of increasingly severe droughts. In 1995, NASA proved potatoes even grow well in zero gravity conditions in outer space.

Just one medium baked or boiled potato provides half the RDA of Vitamin C and significant amounts of numerous other vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber found in the skin.
The Vitamin C content in potatoes alone is critical. It strengthens cell and blood vessel walls, boosts immunity, converts stored fat into energy and contributes to the health of teeth and gums, just for starters. But you don’t really taste it in potatoes. Nor would you guess that they’re 80% water, which, along with the beneficial carbohydrates and fiber in the skin, gives you that full, satisfied feeling.
So grab a sack of potatoes and let’s get cooking with these Meatless Monday Vegan Potato Recipes!
Indian Potato Cakes (DF, SF, K, V, VG) India Snacks
Cilantro Red Potato Salad Wrap (*A, DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) Kathy Patalsky/Babble
*Contains alcohol via the wine in Dijon mustard. Read labels carefully and make substitutions as needed. Remember that Honey Mustard is not vegan.
BBQ Potatoes (DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) Vegan Cooking
Potatoes “Au Gratin” Casserole (DF, SF, K, V, VG) Jolinda Hackett & Lorena Novak Bull, Net Places Vegan Recipes
Potato Gatto (DF, GF, SF, K, V, VG) Fat Free Vegan
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