Kosher Pumpkin Recipes

From soup to cupcakes, get your kosher veggie pumpkin on with this complete menu of recipes from kosher bloggers around the web.  But first, do your foodie duty and...

GO VOTE!  Pick a kosher pumpkin recipe winner at Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller.  The two nominees are South African Pumpkin Fritters and Grilled Pumpkin Pizza with Caramelized Onion and Ricotta.  More details at Joy of Kosher.  You need not be Jewish to vote. 

Note from Jamie G.:
"In order to vote for your favorite recipe, please click through to South African Pumpkin Fritters OR Roasted Pumpkin Pizza with Caramelized Onion and Ricotta and click on the thumbs up sign. The winner will be the recipe with the most thumbs up. You have until November 30th 2011 at 9 am EST to vote."

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Pumpkin Challah Centerpiece with Honey Butter (The Shiksa in the Kitchen)
This family favorite recipe makes a centerpiece and 10 mini rolls or 30 bite-size rolls outright.  Fantastic photos detail exactly how to carry out the instructions for perfect results.  A new tradition for your kosher kitchen.  Parve with margarine.

Simple Pumpkin Soup (About Kosher Food, Parve, Kid Friendly) 

When freezing temps have you thinking hot soup, this easy recipe is made to order for kid chefs.  Grab a child or two, some pumpkin, carrots, garlic and onions, and an immersion/stick blender, and enjoy some quality time while making a delicious, healthy dinner together. You’ll be bursting to brag on the kids at dinnertime!

Tired of heavy holiday food?  Here’s a savory salad course to keep your dietary act in balance.  Substitute a non-dairy vinaigrette if needed.

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Let It Snow

Snow & Ice


Shake up your holiday flavors with pumpkin pasta.  Filled with a blend of pumpkin, and parmesan, ricotta and chevre cheeses, your family won’t be able to keep their hands off it.  Don’t plan on having leftovers.

Pumpkin Coconut Curry (Spicy Kosher)

Butternut squash, sweet potato and carrots accompany pumpkin into spicy, creamy coconut bliss.  Onions, garlic and ginger set the stage for cumin, mustard, curry, chili and cilantro to take you to the moon and back in a single dish.  Friends will swear you started culinary school and didn’t tell them.

Professional category winner of a recent pumpkin recipe contest in New England.  The frosting owes its decadence to a homemade chai spice blend. An awesome choice for holiday parties of all kinds. 

Our Recipe Index features easy special diet codes to make your life easier and more delicious.

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